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Most homes and businesses in Crawfordsville and Greencastle have forced air heating and air conditioning systems. These types of systems essentially blow hot or cold air out through vents via ductwork. Your ductwork is an extremely important part of that equation, as the air cannot make it to any portion of your building without it. That is why it is essential that when having ductwork built or repaired you should entrust the job to a trained professional like Cook Home Services.

Our ventilation testing, maintenance, and upgrade options include:

At Cook Home Services we’ve been in the HVAC business for decades. We are very familiar with just about every type of heating and air conditioning system and have the most experience with forced air systems and ductwork. We have the tools and know-how to build out and install ductwork as well as repair it. Our team of certified HVAC professionals is the best in the business and always extends the highest quality workmanship. That is why we are the number one choice for ductwork and ventilation work.

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We offer a number of coupons you can use at the time of payment, as well as discounts for active military, veterans, police, firefighters, and teachers.

Duct Sealing - Keep Your Ventilation Clean and Efficient

The efficiency and effectiveness of your HVAC system is entirely dependent on the quality of your ductwork. Ductwork is a complex web of insulated tubes and vents whose sole purpose is to route your indoor air into specific areas.

Because this web has to be fit into a tight space and wrapped around to route air to every room in your building there are a lot of joints, bends and potentially structurally weak points. At those points, over time, it is inevitable that your ductwork will experience tears, holes and other leaks.

When this happens, it reduces the efficiency of your HVAC system, costing you money, as well as leaves your indoor air vulnerable to infiltrating pollutants. When your ductwork experiences leaks, it is important that you call on the Duct Sealing Experts at Cook Home Services.

Aside from energy efficiency, duct sealing is an important step in protecting your indoor air quality, too. When air is forced through your ducting, it is typically passed through a filter first. Unfiltered air, however, can easily make it inside of tears and leaks in your ductwork, causing your HVAC system to circulate pollutants through your building.

By sealing your ducts, you ensure only clean air gets through your HVAC system as well as eliminate lost energy. If you experience a spike in your energy bill or start to suffer from health issues related to indoor air quality, call on Cook Home Services at 765-232-0108 or complete our contact form. We will perform diagnostics to quickly identify the source of your problem. We can find duct leaks fast and seal them in no time.

How Duct Sealing Works

Actual Client Results

Ductwork Sealing

Professional Duct Replacement

When your duct system starts performing poorly, you have two options to fix the problem: repair or replace the duct. Most of the time, repairing your ductwork is the answer, but there are some situations where replacing the entire system is the better choice. To determine if your ductwork needs to be replaced, you need to know the history and current performance of your system before going through with the replacement.

Upgrade Your Ductwork

Most duct systems last up to 10 to 15 years before they start to deteriorate. If your current system is 15 years or older, it’s usually best to just have it replaced. An old duct system has a harder time providing your entire home with proper ventilation, which causes an increase in your energy consumption. An older system is also more susceptible to damage and more expensive to repair, especially if you’re trying to maintain its upkeep.

Repair Damaged Ductwork

Sometimes duct damage isn’t easy to spot, but you can notice it whenever your indoor temperature isn’t balanced. Oftentimes, repair and maintenance can bring your system back to an operable state. However, if you’ve had your ductwork serviced and still can’t feel the improvement, you’re better off replacing the system entirely. In this case, it’s cheaper to replace your duct system than trying to sustain its efficiency.

Ductwork Cleanliness

Mold, dust and large leaks are the most common duct problems. Poor ductwork installation, seals, and installation can invite mold and dust into your building, making it harder for people with breathing difficulties and illnesses to stay inside your property without adversely affecting their health. Our ductwork experts can diagnose, test, clean, seal, repair or replace your ductwork as necessary.

We have extensive experience with ductwork. We build it, install it and repair it, so sealing ducts is something we are extremely familiar with. When you call on us to seal your ducts, we will get every rip, hole and leak sealed and have your ductwork air tight like the day it was installed. That is why we are the preferred choice in Crawfordsville and Greencastle for duct sealing professional.

Enjoy A Hassle-Free Duct Installation With Cook Home Services

Don’t put your ductwork installation in the hands of just anyone. When it comes to ductwork and other ventilation concerns, there’s a reason why Cook Home Services is the top choice in the Crawfordsville and Montgomery County. Our company has a roster of highly trained individuals who went through specialized training to efficiently install your HVAC ductwork system. Experience the full benefit of our skilled professionals by hiring us to provide your air conditioning and heating services. Contact us at 765-232-0108 and we’ll get the job done right the first time, every time.

Safety First

One simple mistake can damage your HVAC system permanently. Professionals undergo years of extensive training and professional experience to ensure that they know what needs to be done and how to do it safely. Hiring a professional to install your ductwork system can also save you from potential harm and accidents. These pros are regularly updated on the various safety concerns, local laws, and ordinances needed to install your duct system properly. When something goes wrong, you can count on the professionals you hired to go back and repair these problems immediately.

Save Money

Leaks and other ductwork problems contribute a great deal to your property’s energy expenses. When leaks are present, air conditioning and heating systems tend to work overtime to balance the air temperature inside the building. Once these devices break down prematurely due to overuse, you’ll have to replace or repair them. Asthma attacks and other health problems caused by the leaky ductwork can also rack up hospital bills and additional expenses. By repairing your ductwork effectively, not only do you prevent these unfortunate incidents, you also get to save more money.


Ductwork is more than just laying and connecting pipes to ensure proper airflow. The job requires planning and installing a tubing system that will provide sufficient airflow to all areas inside a building. The person in charge must have the right tools and knowledge in order to successfully carry out this project. Professionals have a specific skill set and the right training needed to properly install an effective ductwork system. Having done similar jobs previously, these professionals understand your home or your office better and can provide you with better ductwork installation ideas and suggestions.


The reason why some people balk at the idea of hiring professionals is because they deem it expensive and unnecessary. But one small mistake in ductwork installation can lead to unforeseen expenses. A poorly constructed HVAC ductwork system can cause leaks, breaches, and health problems. This can ultimately lead to more expenses that can eat up your budget. Investing in a professional to do your ductwork installation can prove to be more cost-efficient in the end. You also save up on tools and additional hardware because professionals already have their own set of installation equipment.

System Efficiency

Ducts make it possible for your heating and conditioning system to effectively circulate cold or hot air. Over time, these ducts can get holes and leaks due to everyday wear and tear. A small leak in the ducts can lead to a huge drop in air pressure. These leaks can also serve as entry points for contaminants such as dirt, debris, and other harmful particles that can impede the airflow in the ducts. This overworks your heating and cooling systems and can cause them to get damaged. In order to maintain an efficient HVAC system, duct repairs need to be done immediately.

Ensure Health

A poorly constructed ductwork poses a great health risk for people with asthmas and allergies. The integrity of the air inside a building is compromised when ducts have leaks. Pollutants can easily find their way into the air vents and disrupt a person’s respiratory function. Leaks and other ductwork problems need to be resolved immediately in order to ensure the health of everyone in your home or office.

Whether it be leaking holes, loosely sealed registers or grills, or an improperly designed duct system, Cook Home Services can help solve your most pressing ductwork problems. Our company has the tools and knowledge to address these issues, especially when it comes to ductwork repair. We have a team of certified HVAC professionals that provide the highest quality workmanship. Additionally, our company also offers air conditioning and heating repair.

Professional Air Duct Modification

There are various reasons why your air duct system could be underperforming. Although duct damage, like air leaks and mold buildup are common, poorly designed air ducts also contribute to air duct inefficiency. Air ducts that don’t fit the architectural design of your property have a harder time distributing air. Even if you have the newest air conditioning or heating system, you won’t experience the full optimization of your unit if your air duct isn’t cooperating.

Whatever problem your air duct system encounters, you can trust Cook Home Services to handle the situation properly. We’re armed with the necessary equipment to deal with the damage or inconvenience, and our experience allows us to work within a strict deadline. Letting us modify your air duct system ensures that the entire procedure goes smoothly. With that said, you’ll experience the following benefits once we’re done with the modifications:

Improved Air Transfer

With your duct system sized and aligned correctly to fit the design of your property, the ducts will have an easier time delivering air to your rooms. Your heating and air conditioning units are able to heat and cool your surroundings without exerting too much effort.

Improved Environment

You won’t have to worry about unbalanced heating or cooling any longer because your modified air ducts will give you the perfect indoor temperature all year round. Your ducts are modified to perform efficiently, so you can enjoy feeling warm during winter and cool during summer

Improved Energy Savings

Poorly designed air ducts give your heating and cooling systems a harder time when it comes to reaching your surroundings. Usually, to address the temperature problem, you’d crank up your AC or heating units– which eats up more electricity. However, modified air ducts eliminate the need to increase your heating and cooling units’ outputs. Modified air ducts help you create a pleasant indoor atmosphere, without the fear of consuming too much energy.

To address the design problem of your air duct system, it’s best to have it professionally modified. The modifications will rearrange the placement of your ducts to serve your property better. If you’re looking for a company that can efficiently modify your ducts, contact Cook Home Services. We offer excellent ductwork services to our customers.

Ductwork Rerouting Service

If you’re planning to make better use of your attic or basement, don’t forget to reroute your ductwork in the space. Rerouting your ductwork is a convenient way to efficiently heat or cool your basement or attic, and it can also be done for newly built structures.

However, ductwork rerouting requires the use of various power tools and involves the demolishing walls or ceilings. If you’re unfamiliar with the entire rerouting process, you may end up damaging your ducts and indoor structures.

To make it easier on you, it’s best to contact Cook Home Services instead. We’ve been providing reliable ductwork services since 1978, and we are well-versed with the various techniques in rerouting your duct system.

Efficiently Heat and Cool Your Space

A properly rerouted ductwork system will have no problem delivering cool and warm air throughout your finished basement, attic, or newly added structure. Because of this, your ducts will continue to perform efficiently without having to crank up your heating or cooling unit.

Avoid Damaged Ductwork

Duct systems that are professionally rerouted don’t get damaged that easily. Oftentimes, badly rerouted ductwork systems are prone to air leaks and misaligned ducts, which are costly and time-consuming to fix. Since our rerouting procedure remains perfect from start to finish, your ductwork stays durable for a long period of time.

Contribute to Energy Savings

Perfectly rerouted ducts help lower your energy consumption. Your heating or cooling system doesn’t have to work twice as hard to deliver pleasant air into your property, and you won’t encounter any duct damage with our rerouting techniques. You’ll get to enjoy a comfortable living environment without worrying about the cost of your electricity bill.

At Cook Home Services, we’re armed with the necessary equipment to properly reroute your ducts, so no mistakes or delays are made. Our highly skilled technicians are fully licensed and certified to handle the rerouting task. We have the professional experience necessary, so we won’t damage your walls or ceilings during the entire procedure and you can expect that your rerouted ducts will provide the following benefits:

Evaporator Coil Cleaning

Have you ever wondered how your air conditioning system keeps you cool indoors? The key is a part called an evaporator coil. The evaporator coil, also known as the indoor coil, absorbs the heat from the air inside your property. Paired with the condenser coil, the evaporator coil forms a heat exchange system that maintains the temperature inside a structure.

Keeping these coils clean is essential in making sure that your HVAC system is working as efficiently as possible. Clean evaporator and condenser coils improve your indoor air quality and lower your utility bills. At Cook Home Services, we have highly trained technicians who are experts in cleaning evaporator and condenser coils that keep your HVAC system working in tip-top condition. We serve Alamo, Thorntown, Waveland, and other areas in Montgomery County and the Greater Crawfordsville, Indiana area.

Dirty coils impede proper heat transfer, making your HVAC system to work harder and causing unnecessary wear-and-tear. Dirty coils can increase your energy usage by up to 37% and decrease the system’s cooling capacity by as much as 30%. More alarmingly, dirty coils can compromise the quality of the air you breathe indoors.

At Cook Home Services, we employ effective coil cleaning techniques depending on the level of contamination. We use low-pressure compressed air, steam cleaning, and soft bristle brushes for mild cleaning needs. For more severe contamination, we use stronger cleaning solutions or solvents. You can rely on Cook Home Services for thorough coil cleaning.

Ductwork Leak Testing Services

Ductwork plays a crucial role in keeping you comfortable in your home or commercial building. That’s because it distributes the treated air from your air conditioning system or heater throughout the space. Additionally, your HVAC system not only maintains the indoor temperature, but it also filters the air from outside to ensure only clean air enters each of your rooms.

Alarmingly, leaks in your ductwork can cause significant damage to your property’s structure and the health of those occupying it. That’s right—if there are leaks anywhere in your ductwork, it could be enough to compromise your indoor air quality. Thus, it is necessary to have your ductwork tested for leaks regularly. The good news is that Cook Home Services offers high quality-ductwork leak testing services in various areas in Indiana, including Pittsboro, Waynetown, and New Market.

Now, you might think that you don’t require our services, as you’re confident that your ductwork was installed correctly. However, your ductwork is still subject to wear and tear. Also, it has vulnerable spots such as the joints and bent areas, where leaks are most likely to appear. And detecting ductwork leaks isn’t an easy task, especially if you don’t have the right tools and training.

You’ll be glad to know that at Cook Home Services, our technicians are highly experienced and well-equipped to find even the smallest ductwork leaks.