Our Electrical Services Are Back!

Breathe Easy With Regular Electrical Maintenance

What’s the best way to handle issues with your home’s critically important electrical system? Cook Home Services knows the key is taking care of them before they become problems. Through our regular maintenance program, our certified electricians will inspect your Crawfordsville or Montgomery County home’s electrical system and perform tests to verify that everything is operating as it should. When they spot a potential problem, they’ll take steps to correct it.

Starting At Less Than 50 Cents Per Day

Cook Home Services has a Service Partner Plan that starts for as little as $14.95 per month – that’s less than 50 cents a day – for the added protection and peace of mind you and your family will enjoy as Plan members. It’s also a lot less than the cost of fixing damage or a fire caused by unseen problems with your home’s electrical systems. Regular checkups are the best way to significantly reduce the chances of serious problems down the road.

Depending upon the Service Partner Plan you select, our team will examine your home’s electrical system as well as:

Should You Try To Do It Yourself?

Working with electricity may seem simple, but electricians will tell you it’s anything but. They frequently encounter dangerous situations that demand professional attention. Making a mistake with your home’s electricity can have deadly consequences, including electrocution, burns, and other serious injuries. Firefighters will tell you that house fires are frequently caused by electrical issues. Don’t take chances with your family’s well-being. Turn it over to our certified electricians so it gets fixed the right way.


Contact us to learn more about how easy and affordable peace of mind can be! We’ll be happy to share all the information Service Partner Plan available exclusively from Cook Home Services and how you can protect your family’s comfort and safety for less than fifty cents a day!

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