Cook Home Services offers a diverse range of heating services for our residential and commercial clients. We serve Crawfordsville and Greencastle residential and commercial clients for any indoor heating application. We have always been known for offering the highest quality HVAC products available and we provide everything from gas, electric, propane heater and furnace installation, repair and maintenance. We believe in a life-long relationship with our clients, providing them with the highest customer service possible. Call our HVAC contractors today at 765-205-2230!

High Cost Of Comfort

Electricity, gas and heating oil costs used to be low enough that we didn’t really worry about the cost of utility bills. However, today’s growing energy demand has caused electricity and fuel prices to increase significantly — and it will only get worse. Since heating and cooling make up almost 50% of your home’s energy budget, it’s absolutely necessary that your heating system be as efficient as possible.

You Can’t Get High Efficiency From A Low Efficiency Heater Or Furnace

The older your furnace equipment is, the lower its efficiency. Today’s heater and furnace equipment is much better at converting fuel or electricity into home heat. Even equipment that’s over 12 years old is considered antique compared to new state-of-the-art furnaces and heaters available. It is an investment, but you will pay for it whether you get it or not.

New furnaces and heating systems today are more energy-efficient than ever, so there is no reason to keep an old, worn out system. If you have an old gas or electric heater, or you may notice that your system isn’t working properly, allow our professional HVAC technicians to fix it.

Heating Systems

Ensuring that your property has a properly working space heating system is essential to making it a comfortable and healthy place to live or work in.

In the United States in general, heating constitutes the single largest component of energy usage in homes and business properties. Having a good idea of which heating system is the most appropriate for your property can help you save a lot of money. Depending on your property’s architecture, the climate in your location, and your individual needs, there are many heating systems that can truly fit your requirements.

Thankfully, our heating professionals can conduct a home energy audit in your property to help you determine the best ways to address your heating needs. We are proud to carry exceptional products by such brands as: American Standard, Coleman, Slant Fin, and NTI.

The Most Basic Types Of Space Heating Systems We Offer Are As Follows:

Forced Air Heating Systems

– In this type of system, heat is distributed throughout the property using heated air. The heat, whether it’s created through electricity, natural gas, boiler, or a hot-water coil, is carried by the air, which is then blown by fans through the duct system and released through vents located in the different areas of the home or building. It is one of the most affordable types of heating systems.

Radiator And Convector Systems

– Radiators and convectors are heating units which act as heat exchangers. A fluid, like water of steam, comes from a central boiler and passes through a series of coils, transferring thermal energy into the room. The coils are usually found in free-standing radiator units or as tubing underneath the floors and walls.

Electric Resistance Heating Systems

– Typically composed of electric coils similar to the heating implements of a bread toaster, an electric resistance heating system converts incoming electric energy into heat. The heat rises through vents while the cool air is drawn into the bottom of the heater.

With today’s energy prices continuing to rise, it is important for your space heating system to be as efficient as possible. Never rely on an antiquated or faulty heating system that could be draining not just your property’s energy but also your financial resources!

Heating Repair

Your heating system is a crucial part of comfort and safety in any home or business. Whether you use a boiler, furnace or heat pump fueled by electricity, natural gas or geothermal power, when your heating system malfunctions, everybody suffers. If you experience a fault with your heating system, call the heating repair experts at Cook Home Services. Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Furnace Repair
  • Boiler Repair
  • Geothermal Systems Repair
  • Ductwork

Why A Professional Should Handle Your Heating Repairs

Heating systems, such as boilers and furnaces, are complex machines with many components. Furnaces can operate fueled either by natural gas or electricity. In either case, a furnace has many parts, from the igniter to the fan blower, that will eventually need service and maintenance. Boilers are also of a rather complex design, as they utilize heated water routed through piping to disperse heat. If your boiler suffers issues, it could not only mean loss of heat, but also a plumbing mess. Heat pumps don’t produce heat, but rather move warm or cool air from one place to another. All of these are extremely effective machines but they will inevitably falter and you will need the help of a professional when they do.

Furnace Repair & Installation

Intensely cold temperatures are difficult to be in and with temperatures below zero, your daily routine becomes more like a chore since your body can’t properly function in the uncomfortable environment. Thankfully, furnace heating systems can address all the inconveniences brought in by the cold, and provide warmth and comfort.

A furnace is a well engineered and complex machine that plays a very important role in the comfort of your business or home. At the most basic level, a furnace sucks in air through a filter and then traps and heats it in a burner chamber. The heated air is then blown by a fan through ductwork. This heated air is what keeps home and business occupants safe and cozy during cold weather. Given the importance that furnaces hold, it is necessary that you have a certified furnace repair specialist to ally with in the event yours needs service.

Cook Home Services are just the experts for the job. We have thirty years of experience working on furnaces and we know exactly how to get yours working like new again in no time. Whether you lose heat entirely, suffer from intermittent heat or inadequate heat, Cook Home Services has the tools and experience to get your furnace running again like new. That is why we are the premier choice in Crawfordsville and Greencastle for Reliable Furnace Repairs.

Types Of Furnaces Available

Our company knows that each building has its own set of needs. Depending on what you want your space to accomplish, we can provide you the following types of furnaces and install them according to their design:

  • Heat pump
  • Fireplace
  • Portable heater
  • Heating stove (which uses wood or coal as its fuel)
  • Room heater (which burns gas, oil, or kerosene)
  • Built-in electrical units
  • Floor, wall, or pipeless furnace
  • Steam or hot-water systems
  • Central warm-air furnace

Why Hire Cook Home Services For Your Furnace Repairs

Furnaces will malfunction, often for many common reasons. The thermostat may be the source of your furnace problems, or perhaps a tripped circuit. Not all issues are with the electronic components, however. Your gas control valve could be closed, or it could simply be your filters. Whatever the issue may be, it is always best to let the trained professionals at Cook Home Service take a closer look. Our specialists know exactly what to look for and we are always committed to extending the most professional and courteous service available. We boast fast response times and we strive to complete your repair as soon as possible. That is why we always travel with a fully loaded work van. Not only are we restoring your heat with a furnace repair, but we are also saving you time and money. Don’t entrust your heat to just anyone. When you need furnace repair, call on the furnace experts at Cook Home Service.

Boiler Repair

A popular heating system choice is the boiler. Using the power of heated water, a boiler sends that water to the parts of the house that need warming. This has the advantage of providing a more uniform heat, since the heat radiation doesn’t have to contend with wind currents or circulation.

A boiler consists of many components; igniter, water tank, piping, radiator, etc. These all play their role in dispersing heat. Like every appliance, your boiler will not last forever. When one of these components experiences a fault, it is best to call the boiler experts at Cook Home Services. We have been repairing heating systems for thirty years and we have the knowledge and experience to repair any boiler problem you may encounter.

Our Dependable Boiler Repair Services

  • Boiler Repair
  • Boiler Maintenance
  • Radiator & Piping Repair

At Cook Home Services we pride ourselves in fast response times and quick and efficient repair times. Our goal is to minimize inconvenience to you so that you can get back to enjoying warmth as soon as possible. So be sure to contact us if you experience any of the following problems or warning signs:

  • Boiler flame is orange
  • Smoke marks on the ground by your boiler
  • Loud noises coming from your boiler
  • Boiler pressure drops
  • Pilot light goes out often
  • Reduced level of heat production

Boilers Installation: How To Select A Hot Water Boiler

Feeling chills in the air? Winter is coming. Now is the best time to assess your heating system and replace any aging or malfunctioning components. The very first thing to look at is your boiler—the most common heating source in any water or steam-based system. Boilers use natural gas, oil, water, electricity, propane or wood to create hot water or steam that heat up your home through radiators, baseboard convectors, radiant floors or fan-forced coils. Boilers are an essential way to stay warm in the cold months of the year.

There are various types of boilers available, including high-efficiency units designed to help homeowners rein in high heating costs. If your heating system is more than 10 years old, you may be able to achieve substantial savings by switching to a newer model. Our professionals are trained to provide you the best guidance in choosing the right unit for your home or business. We can handle the entire process for you while answering questions that arise along the way.

There are central-heating boilers that produce hot water or steam for radiators, baseboard heaters and underfloor heating systems. The boilers eliminate the dry, forced air of traditional furnaces, replacing it with moist heat that won’t dry out your home and skin. Buying a boiler represents a major investment and requires careful consideration to ensure the system will operate as intended. Consider the solid brand names that we offer: leaders such as Burnham, Weil McLain and Buderus.

Boiler Sizes

Size up your new boiler based on heat loss, not by square footage. When shopping for a boiler, ignore the old rule-of-thumb sizing, as this generally results in a boiler too large for the home.

Size your boiler to replace the heat lost from your home through walls, ceilings, windows and other surfaces, using the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s “Manual J” guidelines. For example, a small home with 60 square feet of double-pane windows could lose 2,500 BTUs of heat per hour just through the windows, plus another 13,000 through walls and ceilings. Add in the capacity to cover heat lost through air leakage, and the home could require a boiler rated at 25,000 BTUs or greater.

Choose the highest annual fuel utilization efficiency available. The AFUE rating tells you how much of the fuel your boiler uses is actually converted into heat, versus being wasted during combustion. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, gas boilers have a minimum AFUE rating of 80 to 82 percent, while oil-powered units have a minimum AFUE of 82 to 84 percent. The higher the AFUE, the more efficient and eco-friendly the boiler.

Decide whether you want an oil or gas-powered boiler. Gas prices traditionally tend to fluctuate less than oil prices. If you have access to a municipal gas line, install a gas boiler to save money on heating bills.

Just like the gas boiler, the oil boiler evenly distributes the wanted temperature throughout your home with the help of tubes installed behind your walls. However, the big difference between these two systems lies in startup method. Gas boilers need fire in order to work, while oil boilers use an oil-fired boiler to heat your home.

The gas boiler is able to spread the heat throughout your home – through tubes installed within your walls – and evenly distribute it in every room, with just one flick of a match. Though it does need the help of a flame to start heating your surroundings, it comes in a very easy to use system. By simply pushing a red button (for one minute) and lighting the pilot light, your home will be heated in no time.

Ask about combination boilers. Combination boilers incorporate water heating as well as home heating into a single appliance. If you plan to upgrade your hot water heater, these units can save you space and maximize convenience.

Stick with boilers that incorporate sealed combustion chambers that exhaust fumes directly to the outdoors.

Venting Requirements

Another consideration when shopping for a new boiler is selecting a venting system that will work within your home. Chimney-vented boilers exhaust naturally through a chimney, while power and direct-vent boilers use fans to push exhaust through a roof or side wall vent. Since power-vent boilers use air from inside, they can be installed only in open rooms, not in tight closets or crawl spaces. Condensing boilers have special venting requirements due to the acidity of the condensation that they produce.

Converting Your Home From Oil To Gas

Heating your home’s environment becomes more important during the colder months of the year. When temperatures begin to drop and you begin to breathe in the cool air, you prepare and protect yourselves from the oncoming cold climates by keeping you and your home warm.

If you do not own a fireplace to create a temperate environment during these months, then the next best thing you should consider purchasing is a portable heater, furnace, or burner.

For most homes, these systems are powered by either gas or oil. Both of these fuels have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages; but if you are the type of homeowner who wants to start living “green,” then consider purchasing gas powered heaters, furnaces, and burners, or convert your oil fueled systems, pronto!

The Benefits Of Converting To Gas

  • Cost-Effective
    Remember those times where your oil fueled burner stopped working because it ran out of oil? Remember the cost of the fuel and having it being delivered? With gas fuels, you need not to worry about constantly refueling your systems. Gas is more combustible than oil, so when it burns, it is much hotter and uses less fuel each time. Refueling your systems is much simpler compared to oil because, instead of filling up the oil tank that is located within your home, gas is delivered to a storage tank outside your property through a network of underground pipes. This translates to less of a hassle to monitor and refill. Also, since gas fueled systems are locally regulated, payments may be done over a year’s time.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Gas is a cleaner burning fuel than oil. With that said, you no longer have to worry about cleaning up after each time it is used. With oil, you are familiar with sweeping the inner crevices of your systems to remove a buildup of ash, oil residue, and odors. These substances, however, can significantly affect your health if you are constantly exposed, which may result in respiratory and skin related illnesses.
  • Sustainable
    Gas is an abundant substance and easy to access.
  • Value-Enhancing
    This fuel is known to be versatile and can heat numerous areas, which can include your swimming pool or kitchen, and even has the capability of drying your clothes. Because of this, not only does your home increase its functionality, but it also garners a higher resale value.

Choose Cook Home Services To Help You Make The Switch!

Ever since the early 1900’s, we at Cook Home Services have been servicing our community with pride. Our very skilled and highly trained professionals have installed and created livable environments, especially during the times families need them the most.

At Cook Home Services, you will get the best services when it comes to converting your fuel from oil to gas; be it your furnace or heater, or even your burner. We know how to do the job safely and correctly because we want you to live in an environment filled with comfort and ease.

Once you call us at: 765-205-2230 or contact us through our contact page here, we will:

  • Perform preliminary equipment design & specifications
  • Estimate
  • Finalize system designs
  • Provide the gas equipment
  • Construct main extensions and service connections (if necessary)
  • Install
  • Inspect

Ductless Heat Pump Installation

Here, at Cook Home Services, we understand how homes work. We know that when it comes to energy proficiency and conservation, your property has the space and potential to make your life, and your living environment, even better. We are proud to carry exceptional products by such brands as: American Standard, Coleman, Slant Fin, and NTI.

The Ductless Heat Pump

Now, you might have never imagined that the air circulating in your home can become an important asset when it comes to your energy consumption. It is true that windmills or air turbines create energy via wind power, but installing one, for a small home, is quite unnecessary and a big waste of money. Luckily, there is a system that can not only bring you energy saving benefits, but also fit in or around the property of your home, and that is called the ductless heat pump system.

Normally, most homes use their air ducts to install insulation and other systems that improve the air quality in their home, and aid them with their energy consumption woes. Using the air ducts however, can take some time and disrupt your daily activities. Receiving comfort should never be uncomfortable, and this is where ductless heat pumps reveal its charms.

How Does This System Work?

This system works by taking in the heat from outdoors and converting it to warm air before it lets it in your home to cool, and in turn, takes the warm air from inside your home and expels it outside.This system also works when it comes to cooling your home, but instead of taking in warm air outside, it works just like any other central air system would, but without the ductwork and additional equipment.

Advantages Of Ductless Heat Pumps

  • Easy To Install
    Unlike insulating your air ducts, the ductless system does not necessarily need to tear down your walls for it to work. It can be installed by simply mounting it on the wall, which is then connected to a compressor placed outside your home. It is fast, easy, and can be used within the day of installation.
  • Helps You Lower Utility Costs
    Besides keeping you warm during the cold seasons, one of the many reasons why homeowners choose this system is to lower their utility costs. When a home’s heating system is inefficient, chances are that the homeowner’s monthly electrical bill increases. Ductless heat pumps are smaller than traditional heating systems, thus, use less power. This system also creates “zones” in which, the “zoned” area, usually unoccupied rooms, no longer need to be heated.
  • Improve Air Quality
    The quality of indoor air can be worse than the air outside. With traditional systems, they need to be cleaned and maintained constantly, leaving dust, dirt, and allergen particles, in your home. Ductless heat pumps, on the other hand, have multi-stage filtration, which reduces dust, bacteria, pollen, and other tiny particles in the air.
  • Lowers Your Carbon Footprint
    Bigger doesn’t always mean better, and this is proven by this system’s size. Not only does it consume less space, but it also takes advantage of environmental advances; helping the environment throughout its lifespan.

Heat Pump Installation

Picking out the right heating system always depends on your home or building’s structure. For simple spaces, going for electrical powered or self-contained heaters becomes the right choice, because of their size, portability, and range of effect. However, if your property occupies a bigger area, then maybe a system that can be installed within the walls of your building, or through a system that can be installed outside, is a better choice. We are proud to carry exceptional products by such brands as: American Standard, Coleman, Slant Fin, NTI, Trane, Bryant and Rheem.

What Is A Heat Pump?

One type of heating system for homes that cover a larger area is the heat pump. Basically, heat pumps take heat from one area and transfer it to another, through its pipe-like passageways. This heating system also works during the colder months of the year because, even if the area is cool, the presence of heat energy still exists – making it impossible for heat pumps to run out of heat energy sources.

The Advantages Of Heat Pumps

  • Consumes Less Energy
    Most heaters generate their own heat in order to keep your homes warm; but since heat pumps only transfer heat from one place to another, it does not depend too much on electricity to create the source.
  • Works Both Ways
    There is no need to concern yourself when it comes to keeping your environment cool, because heat pumps also work as a cooling system. This system also extracts heat from your home, thus, keeping the atmosphere comfortable and temperate, all-year round.
  • Safer Than Most Heating Systems
    Some heaters rely on gas or electricity, which can be dangerous, if no one is constantly monitoring them. Heat pumps, however, do not need any of these to function, so you can sleep well at night knowing that fires, electrical shortages, and the like, will not occur. Also, heating systems are installed in hard-to-reach places, so your pets or kids do not come into contact with the system.
  • Improves Air Quality
    You will never see or smell smoke and any other type of fume because heat pumps do not generate any of these. This system circulates the air in your home, and by doing so, it filters, cleans, and purifies this air by removing dust, mold spores, smoke, odors, and other particles.
  • Utilizes Space Effectively
    Heat pumps do not need to take up a lot of space when installed. Also, you do not need to be near this system to feel warm because the air circulates all throughout your property.

Radiant Heating

If you haven’t experienced the comfort and convenience of Radiant Heating Systems, you may want to consider doing some research. Of all heating systems, radiant systems have several advantages. For starters, they are seemingly invisible. That is because there are no vents, no blowers turning on and off, no clanking radiators, literally no noise making apparatuses at all. The heat is dispersed throughout the building by a system of water pipes, electric wires or infrared panels under your flooring or in your walls. These then emit an extremely even warmth that perfectly brings your building to your desired temperature. Emanating from the very structure itself, the heat is not intense or overpowering and won’t settle or stagnate in one area. You simply get a comfortably warm environment.

Our Radiant Heating Services

  • Radiant Heating System Installation
  • Electric Radiant Systems
  • Hydronic Radiant Systems
  • Infrared Radiant Panels

Why A Professional Should Install Your Radiant Heating System

If you decide to consider a radiant heating system for your building, it is best to allow a trained professional to navigate the complex web of tubes and wiring. Cook Home Services has decades of experience working with radiant heating systems in  homes and businesses. We have the proper tools and specialized training to precisely install or repair your radiant heating system. We’ll have your building emitting a comfortable heat in no time. Whether you are building a new home or business, or retrofitting your current structure, Cook Home Services can get the job done.

Radiant systems don’t rely on ductwork and the required tubing or wiring can easily be laid underfoot. Infrared panels are even easier to set up as they require very little hardware. If you are looking for an energy efficient, even warmth, call on Cook Home Services for a free estimate and consultation and we’ll gladly discuss with you what a radiant heating system can do for your building.

Geothermal Services

One of the most energy efficient heating and cooling systems in existence is a Geothermal System. By using the constant temperature of the Earth, a geothermal heat pump simply transfers heat to and from your building effectively heating or cooling it to your desired temperature. Electricity is used to operate the mechanism of heat transfer, but the energy for heating and cooling is effectively free. This gives the geothermal heat pump the ability to provide up to five units of heating or cooling energy for every one unit of electricity used. With a geothermal system, you can heat or cool your entire building and use a significantly smaller amount of electricity causing you to save tremendous amounts of money in the process.

Geothermal Services

  • Horizontal Geothermal Heat Pump Installation
  • Vertical Geothermal Heat Pump Installation
  • Pond/Lake Geothermal Heat Pump Installation
  • Open Loop Geothermal Heat Pump Installation

We Are Your Premier Choice For Geothermal Services

Cook Home Services has been experts in the field of heating and air conditioning for decades. We take pride and passion in our work and for that reason we always stay on the cutting edge of HVAC technology. We have all of the tools and specialized equipment to install your geothermal system. Whether for your home or your commercial building, we are knowledgeable in all geothermal methods and types. Regardless of whether it is for a new construction or simply an installation replacing your current system, we can get the job done. If you have the available real estate, we can install your loops utilizing the horizontal method. If not, and for most commercial properties, we are also able to install your loops vertically. We are also capable of installing an open loop system should an aquifer be available. Whatever the landscape can provide us, we can utilize for your geothermal system. Our team is thorough and efficient, so your system will be installed in a timely fashion and with precision. At Cook Home Services we are the premier choice for geothermal heating and cooling professionals.

If you aren’t sure whether a geothermal system would be right for you, feel free to call us at 765-205-2230 or complete our contact form for a free estimate. We will gladly consult with you on your options regarding system installation and projected energy savings. We are also familiar with local and federal tax incentives for renewable energy systems and will assist in providing you with the proper information for that as well.

Heating Maintenance Services

The Crawfordsville area is colder compared to the rest of Indiana and the United States. Indeed, homeowners in Crawfordsville spend more on heating compared to those who live in other areas of the country. That’s why if you live in Lafayette, Darlington, or North Salem, you must make sure that you have a reliable heating maintenance service provider. And when it comes to heating services, the best choice is none other than Cook Home Services.

Our technicians at Cook Home Services are well experienced in dealing with heater problems such as dirty air filters, compromised airflow, decreased indoor air quality, uneven temperature, and elevated energy consumption. To avoid expensive repair bills, we recommend that you get your heater checked from time to time. With our help, we can spot small problems with your heater before they become any worse.

Heater Repair Services Offered By Cook Home Services

At Cook Home Services, our tagline for our HVAC services is “breathe easy.” Truly, we’re confident that this is how you’ll feel once we’re done taking care of your heating system in Montgomery County, Indiana. And because we care about our clients, we provide only the highest quality HVAC products and deliver top-notch installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our offerings include:

  • Heating Systems
  • Heating Repair
  • Furnace Repair
  • Boiler Repair
  • Boiler Installation

Schedule Your Heating Maintenance Now

Make sure that your heater will continue to work for years to come. Contact Cook Home Services to schedule your heater maintenance now. Aside from heater services, we also offer air conditioner services, duct sealing services, and home energy services. Our service area includes New Ross, Veedersburg, and Russellville. If you need immediate help with your heater, please call 765-205-2230. For more information or to request a quote, please send us a message through our Contact Us page.

Why Choose Us?

Ever since the early 1900’s, we, at Cook Home Services, have been servicing the surrounding areas of Greencastle and Crawfordsville. We have changed the lives of millions of families by creating, and installing, heating and cooling solutions in their homes. We also find new and innovative ways to cool and heat properties, because we know that you deserve to live a better and healthier lifestyle. If you are interested in working with us, call 765-205-2230 or visit our contact page, to know more!