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Breathe Easy with Our Home Maintenance Service Plans

Cook Home Services has provided quality comfort and home improvement services to Montgomery County and surrounding areas since 1978. We are committed to meeting your needs with 100% satisfaction.

With our home service maintenance plan, you enjoy priority service, discounts on repairs and other services, as well as hassle-free scheduling. We keep track of your maintenance services and call you to schedule the next appointment so you don’t have to.

Issues can happen at any time in your home. Many issues can be prevented through regular maintenance. Breathe easy and let us help you avoid inconveniences with a maintenance plan from Cook Home Services.

Your home has multiple systems that help you maintain a comfortable living environment. Just like a doctor’s appointment, your home systems need routine checks and inspections to make sure that they are in good working order.

Our maintenance plan allows us to see and review the status of your systems. Our goal is to give your home a clean bill of health. However, if there are issues, this allows you to know what systems need repairs or updates.

Keep Your HOme Protected Starting at less than 50 cents a day

Cook Home Services has a Service Partner Plan that starts at as little as $14.95 per month – that’s less than 50 cents a day – for the added protection and peace of mind you and your family will enjoy as plan members. It’s also a lot less than the cost of a major repair that was needed because a system wasn’t properly cared for.

While we can’t guarantee a part of your system won’t fail, we know that regular checkups significantly reduce the chances of serious breakdowns.

Available Coverage by our service partner plan

The Service Partner Plan you select determines which systems our team will examine in your home. Here are the systems we offer maintenace coverage for:

Our certified service technicians will inspect your home’s HVAC system regularly, change out filters you provide, and make sure it’s operating as efficiently as possible. Our service technicians will perform the following:

  • Inspect the entire system (inside and outside)
  • Check the system safeties for proper function
  • Flush the condensate drain lines
  • Rinse the outdoor A/C
  • Check the ductwork system and test airflow

Our licensed electricians will inspect your home’s electrical system regularly and ensure safety devices are functioning properly. For example, they will:

  • Inspect the entire system
  • Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check outlets and grounding
  • Check incoming power (from utility company)
  • Test safety devices (GFCI and AFCI circuits)
  • Inspect back power generators and/or battery storage

Our professional plumbers have the training, tools, and expertise to identify and solve problems correctly. Plumbing DIY projects may worsen the problem or lead to significant water damage. A certified plumber will:

  • Flush a standard tank-type water heater
  • Check your home’s water supply and drain piping
  • Check your water heater’s anode rod (protection device)
  • Check your home’s water pressure
  • Check your home’s water appliances (faucets, toilets, etc)
  • Test your home’s water quality

Our certified service technicians will inspect your home’s indoor air quality equipment regularly, clean any components that need it, change out filters you provide, and make sure everything is operating as efficiently as possible. Our service technicians will:

  • Check, clean, and replace canisters/pads for your home’s Humidifier system
  • Check, clean, and rinse/change the filter for your home’s Dehumidifier system
  • Check your energy recovery ventilator (ERV/HRV)
  • Test and Inspect Air Cleaning Devices (filters, ionizers, UV-lights, etc)
  • Clean and check all drain lines
  • Verify system control settings for proper operation of IAQ equipment