Three ways to reduce your home energy bill:

If you want a comfortable home but are concerned about the impact of heating and cooling upon the environment, the Cook Home Services team has the perfect answer. Geothermal systems use the steady temperatures a few feet underground to help make your home warm in winter and cool in summer. A geothermal system circulates coolant between air exchangers in your home and underground piping. You’ll get the comfort you want with significantly lower energy bills!

You can count on our team for professional installation to make your geothermal system as reliable and efficient as possible. In the unlikely event you encounter problems, you’ll breathe easy knowing we offer emergency repair service.


Don’t let worries about cash keep you from upgrading your home’s heating and cooling to the many advantages of geothermal systems. Cook Home Services offers access to financing options that provide affordable monthly payments. That means you can start enjoying greater comfort and lower energy bills of geothermal systems right away! We’ll be happy to help you find ways to obtain the comfort and reliability you want without busting your budget.

Contact the Cook Home Services team today to discuss the best ways to improve year-round comfort and reduce your monthly energy bills!

  • 43% Heating and Cooling – the quality of your home’s insulation, doors and window insulating factors, ductwork insulation, smart thermostat settings, humidity systems, air circulation, and ratings of your heating and air conditioning have a huge impact on your energy usage – especially during the warmest and coldest months.
  • 12% Water Heating – the energy efficiency of your water heater and flow rate of hot water play a large role. New tankless water heaters are highly efficient because they heat water on-demand rather than 24 hours a day.
  • 11% Lighting – newer LED-based lighting and timers can significantly reduce your lighting energy usage.
  • 9% Appliances – replacing older, inefficient appliances (like clothes dryers) with newer appliances can improve your energy usage.
  • 9% Electronics – homes are acquiring more and more electronics nowadays, and thankfully many devices like Televisions, are becoming far more energy efficient.
  • 8% Refrigeration – replacing older, inefficient refrigerators and freezers with newer better rated versions can improve your energy usage.
  • 8% Miscellaneous – all of your other usage.

Home Energy Consumption

Home Energy Use

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS)


Energy Efficiency 2

Water Heater Replacement?

If you have a boiler and are thinking about upgrading your hot water heater, ask us about combination boilers. Combination boilers combine water heating and home heating into a single appliance, saving space and money, while providing the comfort and convenience you want.

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Improve Your Indoor Air

Does the air in your home get stuffy sometimes? Is it too humid (or not humid enough)? Find yourself coughing and sneezing from allergies? The Cook Home Services team can show you how today’s technology can make your home’s air cleaner and more comfortable.

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Energy Efficiency 5

Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing problems are annoying … and can cause expensive and messy damage to your home. When your plumbing isn’t doing what it should, call Cook Home Services for fast, professional help.

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Energy Efficiency 7

Regular Maintenance from 50 Cents/Day

Cook Home Services has a Service Partner Plan that starts for as little as $14.95 per month. That’s less than 50 cents a day for the added protection and peace of mind … and far less than the cost of a major repair that was needed because a system wasn’t properly cared for.

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