Breathe Easy With Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Cook Home Services knows the best way to handle issues with your home’s plumbing is taking care of them before they happen. In other words, the best way to ensure everything works reliably and efficiently is to schedule regular maintenance.

Our plumbing maintenance program helps to keep your home’s system in good working order. Our professional plumbers will inspect your Crawfordsville or Montgomery County and the surrounding area home’s plumbing to verify that everything is operating as it should. If they spot a potential problem, they’ll be able to take steps to correct it.


Cook Home Services has a Service Partner Plan that starts for as little as $14.95 per month – that’s less than 50 cents a day for the added protection and peace of mind you and your family will enjoy as Plan members. It’s also a lot less than the cost of a major plumbing repair or damage from a water or sewer leak. And while Cook Home Services can’t guarantee that you’ll encounter a plumbing problem, we know that regular checkups significantly reduce the chances of serious breakdowns.

Depending upon the Service Partner Plan you select, our team will examine your home’s:

  • Plumbing & Water Heaters
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Ductwork
  • Indoor Air Quality

Don’t Do It Yourself

Your local hardware store or home center has plenty of plumbing products, but we recommend you think twice before buying or using them, because they may worsen the problem. For example, chemical drain cleaners can damage pipes and expose you and your family to dangerous caustics. And leaks from amateur repairs can cause significant water damage. Our professional plumbers have the training, tools, and expertise to identify and solve problems correctly.

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Contact us to learn more about how easy and affordable peace of mind can be! We’ll be happy to share all the information Service Partner Plan available exclusively from Cook Home Services and how you can protect your family’s comfort and safety for less than fifty cents a day!

Plumbing Overview

Plumbing Maintenance 1

Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing problems are annoying … and can cause expensive and messy damage to your home. When your plumbing isn’t doing what it should, call Cook Home Services for fast, professional help.

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tankless water heater

Tankless Water Heaters

With the introduction of contemporary tankless water heaters, homeowners now have fresh possibilities to enhance their comfort, convenience, and efficiency when it comes to instant hot water.

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Plumbing Maintenance 4

Water Heater Filtration

Regardless of whether your residence is connected to a public water system or relies on a private well, the purity of your water cannot be guaranteed. Rather than risking it, find genuine peace of mind through Falcon Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing’s exceptional water filtration services.

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Regular Maintenance From 50 Cents/Day

Cook Home Services has a Service Partner Plan that starts for as little as $14.95 per month. That’s less than 50 cents a day for the added protection and peace of mind … and far less than the cost of a major plumbing repair that was needed because a system wasn’t properly cared for.

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Plumbing Maintenance 7

Water Heater Replacement

Is your home’s water heater struggling to keep up with your household’s needs? We sell and service traditional storage water heaters, as well as tankless, solar, and recirculation systems. We’ll help you choose the water heater that’s right for your needs.

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Affordable Financing

Worried that a plumbing repair may be beyond your budget? We’re here to help. We can connect you with financing options that make the repairs or upgrades you need more affordable.

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