Every home has, on some level, extra square footage that will inevitably become unusable. Attics become cobwebbed and cluttered storage spaces. Basements become dank and dark forgotten realms. Even your crawl space is a portion of your home that is typically left untouched. These areas are not only neglected because they aren’t common, but also because they reside in parts of the home exposed to the most elements. This constant exposure coupled with little attention will leave them as unused, slowly decaying portions of your house. If your home has areas like this, you need to renovate.

Cook Home Services has over 43 years of renovation experience turning local attics and basements from mildewed, dank warehouses into more efficiently utilized home additions. By laying flooring, repairing walls and even extending heating and air conditioning to these areas, you can more efficiently use them. Whether for air conditioned storage or a family gathering area, your choices for how to better utilize your crawl space, attic, or basement are limitless with Cook Home Services.

Crawl Space Renovation

Moisture is a common problem in crawlspaces. Moist dark areas are the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Renovation of your crawlspace maintains your property value and protects your home from mold.

Attic Renovation

Condensation can be a problem in the attic. This moisture stands to damage your trusses and rafters, not to mention your insulation. Renovation not only makes the area more usable for storage or living, but also protects your home’s structure.

Basement Renovation

Basements are constantly exposed to high moisture due to groundwater and storms. This dark and dank area of the home poses mold and flooding risks. Renovation can revitalize your basement into usable space or repurpose it for living.

Attic Renovation

If you have an attic in your home, chances are it is used for storage. The attic is typically overlooked as in many homes it simply houses the insulation and some ductwork.

As cobwebs develop and the space becomes crowded, you may not notice other problems that could pose as justifiable reason to renovate. Moisture accumulation during times of high humidity can pose a threat to the structural integrity of your roofing. Poorly installed insulation can also be a problem.

Beyond the possible damage and future repairs, the attic is a place that has perfectly good square footage that can be put to more efficient use. When it is time to make your attic a functioning part of your home, call on the renovation experts at Cook Home Services. We have assembled a team of specially trained professionals that are experts in many disciplines. Our HVAC technicians specialize in attic renovations and can convert your attic into a safe and usable area of your home.

Attic Renovation Services

  • Attic Renovation
  • Attic Flooring
  • Attic Ductwork & HVAC Connection

Benefits Of Attic Renovation

The typical attic consists mostly of beams, maybe a little plywood flooring, insulation, ducting and other portions of appliances protruding the ceiling. This is usually the best place to set the boxes of Christmas decorations and other seasonal items, right there next to the opening, leaving a lot of unused space. When you have Cook Home Services renovate your attic, you can do so much more with it.

First off, by renovating, you are protecting your attic from problems caused by moisture accumulation. Also, renovation will clean up any poorly installed insulation. Finally, laying proper flooring and some drywall elements you can turn your attic into a more functional space, providing you with more storage room and even livable space. Our HVAC contractors can reroute your HVAC ducting to condition the attic too. Put a bedroom up there or a couch, whatever you want. Make your attic part of your home again with attic renovation from Cook Home Services.

Basement Renovation

Basements have long since had problems with flooding and moisture accumulation. Being partly submerged underground, porous cement cannot hold back ground water, especially during severe weather. The basement is typically one of the most vulnerable unused spaces in the home, since it has ample room for many functions.

Allowing your basement to continue to exist as a dank and moist cave of forgotten things will not only cause all of the usual moisture problems in the future, but also deprive you of square footage that could be of use.

Renovating your basement not only protects your home but also opens up a spacious area for just about any function you could desire. Cook Home Services offers basement renovations that will convert your basement to fit your specific needs.

Our technicians are skilled craftsmen that have plenty of experience in working with concrete and other basement elements. We will completely renovate your basement so that it is dry, protected and fully usable in a timely fashion. That is why we are the top choice for basement renovations.

Basement Renovation Services

  • Basement Moisture Sealing & Removal
  • Basement Flooring Installation
  • Basement Ductwork
  • Basement HVAC Installation

Advantage Of Basement Renovations

Why allow an entire room in your home to simply be a breeding ground for mold and mildew? Why leave the basement as the scary and dark underbelly of your home only fit for spare junk and the occasional trip to the water heater? When you allow Cook Home Services to renovate your basement, you can breathe new life into it. Renovation will protect and seal your basement from encroaching water and moisture so you don’t have to worry about mold and structural damage. Furthermore, by adding flooring and drywall you can create a functional space. Installing ductwork and ventilation can extend your HVAC to the basement allowing for climate control.

This makes your newly renovated basement perfect for climate controlled storage or conversion to a living area. By adding a little lighting your basement becomes a fully functional part of your home. Convert it into a bedroom, apartment or entertainment area. The sky is the limit with basement renovations from Cook Home Services.

Professional Basement Flooring Installation

It pays to have durable, non-slip flooring material in your basement. However, maintaining the floor’s appearance and performance is not always simple. You can improve your basement floor’s lifespan by sweeping and mopping the area regularly. However, there comes a time when the flooring will start feeling weak and looking old. Elements like cracks, spots and stains will inevitably accumulate as years of use and abuse pile up.

If you’re tired of looking at your unsightly or damaged basement floors, it’s probably a good time to go ahead and have the existing flooring replaced with something new. New and properly installed flooring not only makes your property look better, it also makes your home a safer place.
Installing new flooring in your basement might sound like a great home project to some. However, at Cook Home services, we strongly recommend that you let the professionals handle it. Installing new floors correctly requires the right materials, equipment and expertise to successfully update your flooring. If you’re unfamiliar with the installation process, you might end up wasting a lot of time and money, and working on the project without the necessary tools is very dangerous. Just one small mistake can break your new floors or even leave you injured. Take the hassle out of the equation. For a fast, safe, and correct floor installation, it’s best to contact Cook Home Services.

Cook Home Services Is At Your Service

At Cook Home Services, we may be known for our air conditioning and heating services, but our basement flooring installation service is also top notch. Our installation process is professional from start to finish so you can expect excellent, quality service every time. If you’re interested in having Cook Home Services install or replace the flooring in your basement, just give us a call at 765-205-2230 today, and we’ll be happy to help.

We also offer other basement renovation services, if you want to improve your basement’s overall environment. All of Cook Home Services’s services are available in the Greater Lafayette, Indiana area. Call us today!

Basement Ductwork Renovations

Finishing your basement is probably one of the most impressive improvements you can do to your property. Once all the necessary touches are complete, your basement can actually store things efficiently. Sometimes, a basement can even be transformed into an extra room that can serve a multitude of purposes. However, achieving the final look of your basement isn’t as easy as it might sound. Aside from refurbishing walls and flooring, you need to consider the current state of your ductwork system as well.

Your ductwork is the main conduit where heat, ventilation, and air conditioning pass through. Since the system’s main function is to deliver pleasant air throughout your home, there’s no doubt that it runs through your basement as well. When finishing a basement, you have the option to expose your ductwork or hide it from plain sight. In most cases, the latter is recommended for safety and design reasons.

If you’re doing some basement remodeling work, the ductwork is an aspect that’s best to leave in the hands of experienced professionals. Cook Home Services can install your ductwork in a safe, proper and speedy manner.  We specialize in taking over the dirty work so you can focus on planning your basement’s functionality and aesthetics.

Cook Home Services Is Here To Help You!

Your ductwork system is easy to understand but difficult to work with, and if you manage to damage your ductwork system while performing renovations, it is possible that you’ll create air leaks – disrupting the harmonious air flow in the system. Not only will this cause uneven air distribution, forcing your HVAC system to work harder than it should, it also makes your household less energy efficient. Don’t take unnecessary risks with one of the most sensitive parts of your home; let us at Cook Home Services handle all of your ductwork renovations. We have the personnel, equipment and the expertise to get the job done safely and correctly each and every time.

When it comes to basement renovations, Cook Home Services offers several services to improve your property. We can work with any idea you have for your ductwork system, and conduct the entire process with the utmost professionalism and care. Just give us a call at 765-205-2230 and we’ll be ready to help you out.

Basement Moisture Sealing & Removal

Excess moisture in your basement is a tough problem to solve. Since this room is located underneath your home, getting rid of all the water is not going to be easy. Yes, you can attempt mopping the entire floor dry, but the fact that sunlight barely penetrates the room makes your basement’s atmosphere completely dark, humid and damp. You might think that a musty environment seems natural, given that your basement is treated as a storage space. However, moisture and stagnant water can lead to numerous problems that can seriously affect both your property and your health.

Whenever your basement floods, the water can get trapped in walls, wooden beams and hard to reach places. Drying up these areas is no joke, and most homeowners tend to give up on them. Leaving these places completely wet will bring in several structural damages, which include:

  • Mold infestation
  • Wood rotting
  • Noxious odors

These problems invite insects, like mosquitoes, to lay eggs. A damp basement will also be a welcome space for bacteria or critters. What’s even worse is that the filth that is accumulating in your basement can penetrate the upstairs, making everyone in your home severely sick.

Professional Moisture Sealing And Removal Is The Answer

Dealing with excess moisture is a job reserved for the professionals, and if you are looking for a company that can remove moisture and seal the water’s passageway, contact Cook Home Services immediately. Our most effective way of keeping basements moisture-free is by sealing it and removing excess water.

Having the space sealed will close all gaps, holes, and cracks in your basement walls or floors, ensuring that water, no matter the amount, will not enter, and with our state-of-the-art equipment, we can dry your entire basement, including those hard to reach places, in no time.

Basement HVAC Installation Service

Installing a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is one way to upgrade your finished basement’s environment. An HVAC system is capable of creating a pleasant atmosphere – keeping you warm during winter and cool during summer. However, installing an HVAC system is a lot of hard work and not for inexperienced hands. If you’re looking for professional HVAC installation, contact Cook Home Services. We have the equipment necessary for placing an HVAC system in your finished basement with ease.

Why Choose Cook Home Services?

Cook Home Services has been delivering quality HVAC services since 1978. We are committed to improving your home’s comfort levels and satisfy the demands of your lifestyle. When it comes to installing an HVAC system, you can trust us to do an excellent job. We have all the necessary equipment to make the installation process easier, as well as provide you with the following benefits:

Properly Installed Systems

If you want your HVAC system to give you a consistent pleasant airflow, the system needs to be installed correctly. An improperly placed HVAC system tends to get damaged quicker, creating problems like insufficient airflow and air leaks. With Cook Home Services behind the installation process, the HVAC system stays intact and is set up to function properly.

Doesn’t Harm Your Finished Basement’s Design

It took you numerous hours and resources to finish your basement. Seeing it destroyed due to awry HVAC installations puts all of your hard work in vain. If you let us handle the installation from the beginning, we’ll preserve the look and design of the entire room. Our professional hands know how to take care of your property and work without creating any damage or mess.

Fast And Efficient Process

We refer to our many years of experience and use high-end equipment when working on a project, so you can bet that the process won’t take long. We’ll install the HVAC system within the given deadline so that you have more time to complete or modify your finished basement.

You can contact Cook Home Services at 765-205-2230. We also offer more home and basement renovation services, if you want to improve your property’s environment even further.

Crawl Space Renovation

Moisture tends to invade spaces that come in the most contact with the ground. That is not more evident in any place in a home than the crawlspace. Moist, dark places such as the crawlspace are the perfect breeding grounds for things such as mold and mildew, not to mention standing water. This will not only reduce your property value, but also put your home in danger of suffering other damages from the spread of mold. Also, pervasive moisture can actually break down the structural integrity of parts of your home.

For homeowners, this is a problem best solved before it becomes too expensive. Your best defense against crawlspace moisture is a Crawlspace Renovation from Cook Home Services.

At Cook Home Services we employ a team of specialists that have mastered various disciplines so that we can offer our customers a wide variety of services. We have renovation experts on our staff that can quickly and efficiently convert your crawlspace into a moisture-free, usable portion of your home.

Our Crawfordsville & Greencastle Crawlspace Renovation Services

  • Crawlspace Moisture Protection
  • Crawlspace Flooring
  • Crawlspace Ductwork & HVAC Options

Why Hire Us For Your Crawlspace Renovation

When you have Cook Home Services renovate your crawlspace, you have several options. Our primary objective is to install a vapor barrier to seal off your crawlspace and protect it from moisture. Beyond that, we can do a number of things to your crawlspace to make it usable. By installing flooring you can further protect your crawlspace while also making the area functional. Drywall and other additions continue to expand the area’s functionality. We can even route ducting or install a ductless system to provide your crawlspace with conditioned air. This gives you the option of turning your crawlspace into a climate controlled storage area or provides the perfect groundwork for remodeling it into a living space. Whatever your crawlspace renovation needs, Cook Home Services can accommodate.

Kitchen Renovations

Having an organized and fully functional kitchen is every homeowner’s dream. When it’s been built for ease and maximization, cooking hardly ever feels like a chore. However, not everyone is so lucky to have one that’s designed to their needs. There are still many people who own kitchens that are clearly outdated or are beginning to exhibit wear and tear.

The best way to bring the warmth and joy back into any kitchen is to have it renovated. Renovation allows you to fix the room’s problem areas or update its look entirely. If you’re looking for a professional kitchen renovation, contact Cook Home Services.

Cook Home Services Will Make Your Dream Kitchen A Reality

Although it’s tempting to renovate your kitchen with DIYs and renovation hacks, it’s still better to place the project in professional hands. Renovating your kitchen is no simple task and could require a lot of construction work, depending on your design. You also need skill and the right materials to be able to successfully complete difficult and time-consuming projects. Failing to meet these requirements makes the renovation more difficult to accomplish, and your dream kitchen has a higher risk of coming out as a nightmare.

Hiring Cook Home Services will free you from your worries and make things much easier. We have the experience and the equipment to properly carry out any project. We can work with any sized kitchen and any budget. Plus, our seasoned designers are masters of turning your vision into reality.

Bathroom Renovations

When you think of a word that describes an ideal bathroom ambiance, “tranquility” comes into mind. Although the room is built to help you tend to your hygiene, settling into a warm bath after a hard day’s work puts you at ease and promotes relaxation. Sadly, not every bathroom can create this kind of environment.

If your bathroom isn’t working for you, the best thing to do is have it renovated. Doing this gives you the chance to make improvements that will benefit your bathroom experience. When your bathroom experience is less than ideal, you need to contact Home Services so we can enhance the appearance and functionality of your bathroom.

Improve Your Bathroom With Cook Home Services

You can find several impressive DIY bathroom renovations online, but they still can’t beat a professional’s touch. It takes skill, patience, and experience to renovate any space, and your bathroom is one that needs these the most.

There are a lot of delicate materials in the room that needs to be handled with utmost care. Glass and tiles that need replacement, for example, have to be removed properly. If you make a mistake, not only will you create a mess, but you’ll also injure yourself in the process. In addition, connecting the fixtures (e.g. faucet and showerheads) into the room requires some plumbing expertise – which many individuals don’t have.

Don’t complicate your situation any further and let us handle the task instead. We have the manpower and tools to complete the project with zero problems and delays. Our master designers also have no problem transforming your dream bathroom into a reality.