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Roof Deck Repairs and Maintenance

Many people may be unaware that the roof deck is the structure of your entire roofing system. Sometimes called roof sheathing and other materials, the roof deck is typically made of plywood and it is a very important part of any home or building as it connects the shingles to the roof frame.

The roof deck is also the part of a roof that no one ever sees and because of this, the possibility of deterioration and damage is high. When roof decks are damaged, they often need repairs or replacement if repairs won’t keep the roof deck durable for a long period of time.

The Purpose Of A Roof Deck

A roof deck or roof sheathing is an important part of any home because the roof deck is where the shingles are anchored. Sandwiched between these shingles and the roof deck, you will find felt and other protective sheets that serve as additional insulation and protection from moisture for the home.

The roof deck helps distribute the weight evenly over the roof frame and the home’s structure. This keeps the weight of the shingles and the entire roof evenly spread to prevent any possibility of structural collapse from uneven distribution of weight. The roof deck also helps prevent leaking, offering a second line of defense underneath the shingles to keep your home dry.

Roof Deck Repair And Maintenance Services

Before the plywood of your roof deck deteriorates beyond repair, it is a good idea to have it checked by certified and skilled roofing specialists who know how to check for roof sheathing damage. Cook Home Services has a list of roof deck maintenance and repair services that you can take advantage of and we can inspect your roof deck to help you find out whether or not you need repairs or replacement.

If you find a roof leak, contact us so we can help you determine if you need to replace a few broken shingles or if you need to have some work done on your roof deck. If you neglect damage to your roof deck, the plywood that holds your roof together may rot, adding more problems and higher repair costs. Replacing shingles on a rotted roof deck is not advisable because it will cause more problems with your roof. You would be attaching shingles on a rotten piece of wood that cannot support its weight.

As soon as you notice your roof or your roof deck is showing signs of severe wear and tear, contact Cook Home Services. It isn’t wise to leave the damage untreated as it can affect the strength of your building’s structure. Don’t make things worse by attempting to do the repairs by yourself. In order for your roof to return to normal conditions, you need the professional skill and the right tools to take care of the problem.

In the event that your roof deck is damaged beyond repair, we’ll replace it with a brand new roofing system. This method is often easier and more affordable than constantly fixing a stubborn roof. Keep it simple and let us handle your roof repairs or replacement.