Landscaping and Gardens Around HVAC Units

Tips For Landscaping Around Your AC Unit

Even though the outdoor AC unit plays an integral role in cooling your house, it can be an unsightly addition to your outdoor scenery. Many homeowners think that their AC’s outdoor system is a structural interference that doesn’t fit with the overall theme of their garden. To address this problem, it’s a good idea to landscape around the unit. However, landscaping around the outdoor unit isn’t the same as landscaping your yard.

When it comes to landscaping around your AC, you have to make sure that both the outdoor unit and the decorations are in harmony with one another. Your plants shouldn’t choke your air conditioner while the unit shouldn’t dominate over the shrubs. Luckily, the following landscaping tips will help you find the right balance:

  • Give The Unit Some Room – Before you start planting or creating anything around the outdoor unit, you have to give your AC some clearance. Giving the system enough room ensures that the coils receive enough airflow. Make sure that the decorations are at least 2 to 3 feet away from all sides of the air conditioner. During this stage, it’s also wise to cover the space around the system with rocks, gravel, or mulch. This will protect the condenser from coming in contact with particles that could dirty and clog the unit.
  • Build A Fence Around The Unit Or Cage It In – Fencing or caging your outdoor unit is the simplest and fastest method to conceal it. It also makes the surrounding area look clean. Just remember to build the structure at least 3 feet away from the AC and install a gate to easily access it. The gate has to be big enough for the outdoor unit to pass through in the event it needs to be removed or replaced.
  • Decorate With Shrubberies And Plants – If you’re planning to plant ornamental greenery around your AC, make sure that the plants you choose won’t grow higher than 5 feet. Any taller than that will block the airflow and make it difficult to perform any air conditioning maintenance. Try to avoid planting vines as well; they’re known to grow on the unit itself.
  • Add Shade – It’s also a good idea to provide your unit with some shade. Adding shade helps keep the condenser at a cooler temperature, meaning that it won’t have to work as hard to cool your surroundings.
  • Keep The Area Weed Free – After you’ve finished with the landscaping, make it a habit to check the area regularly for weeds. Overgrown weeds can grow in your outdoor unit, as well as restrict airflow.

Following these landscaping tips not only beautifies your yard or garden, but also protects your outdoor unit from getting too dirty and clogged. Nevertheless, landscaping around your AC won’t shield the unit forever. Your air conditioner unit still needs proper maintenance and care in order to continue performing at its best.